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I am a second-generation personal injury attorney in Tyler, Texas. I am also a former claims adjuster for State Farm Insurance. My late father, Ken T. Miller practiced personal injury law in Tyler from 1971 to 1979. He died in 1979. I understand grieving and suffering. I am a personal injury lawyer that always puts clients, their families, and their needs first.


If an injury interferes with your life and your ability to work, it’s a serious injury. I’ve worked many hourly jobs, and I know how hard it can be to make ends meet. Likewise, if your car is damaged or totaled, that’s a big problem. Your car is the most important asset you have, other than your home. That’s why I handle property damage as well as injury claims. Very few personal injury firms handle property damage.

I attended Tyler Junior College. I graduated from North Texas State University in Denton in 1980. I sold life insurance in Memphis, Tennessee. I came back to East Texas. I worked as an investigator and law clerk for Erskine, Smith & McMahon. My boss, Blake Erskine, helped me get a job with State Farm. I spent approximately two years as an adjuster before entering law school. I was licensed as an attorney in 1990. I have practiced law since 1990 in Tyler, Texas. I have NEVER represented ANY insurance company. For the past 29 years, I have represented injured people just like you.



I began our practice in October 1992 on Tyler’s downtown square. Our office started out handling workers’ compensation cases and criminal court appointments, but early on, Keith knew he was meant to help others in a very specific way. His experience with his dad’s death, and his family’s struggles with the insurance company afterward, pulled him to help others affected by injuries and trauma. In addition, he had worked for a national insurance company as a claims adjuster and knew how difficult it could be for people to receive compensation following a traumatic life event. Keith made up his mind—this law firm would go to battle for injury victims and their families against insurance companies.

Over the last two decades I helped countless clients navigate the process of seeking compensation from insurance companies following injuries. I also built a large staff of dedicated professionals who see our clients as individuals—individuals with families and bills to pay.

That dedication was never more evident than it was in 2009 following the downtown Tyler fire that destroyed our first building. I was the only building on the block with fire insurance and had some difficulty getting our servers back from the ATF because of it. I did, though, and within two days I had to set up a shop in our new location, which is the same one I am operate from now. I didn’t lose or let down a single client during that phase. I showed up and worked on the floor of our new place, calling clients and keeping things moving.

I am a fire-tested man who is well-suited for helping people when they don’t know what to do or where to turn.


Don’t hesitate – if you’ve been injured and your vehicle has been damaged or totaled, call or visit Keith Miller today!

100 East Ferguson Street
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